How to Install a pci card In your pc

Pci adapter
Pci adapter

How to install a PCI wireless card

A wireless network card is ideal for desktops, so that you can access the internet without using cables. Today we bring you this tutorial where we describe step by step how to install a PCI wireless card, to have access to wireless internet.

Previous steps to install the wireless network card

We started, opening the CPU. To do this, we disconnect it from the power supply and peripherals and place it on a solid horizontal surface.

In addition, we must have the best wireless network cards online ready.       which usually has an antenna. This antenna must be unscrewed and removed before installation. We will also need a suitable screwdriver (screwdriver), an anti-static kit, the installation CD of the card,or failing that, their drivers and some time and patience. If you already have all this, then get to work.

pci adapter
pci adapter

Installing the PCI wireless card

1st step:

The first step is to remove the cover of the CPU box with the help of the screwdriver, then place the anti-static kit (optional) and immediately locate the PCI slot of the motherboard, which usually has white or blue. We remove the cover of the slot with care and later we fit the wireless PCI card in this slot, gently and carefully, we must not force it since this card will fit without effort.

2nd step:

Once the wireless card fits into the PCI slot, it is time to replace the CPU box cover. Then, we screw the antenna of the card again and place it in a position of 90 degrees upwards; this will optimize the reception of the Wi-Fi signal.

3rd step:

It is time to connect the CPU to the power socket and all the peripherals, to then turn on the computer and start the operating system. Supposing that it is Windows, when starting up it will be indicated to us that new hardware has been detected and that it is necessary to execute the drivers or drivers for its operation. Insert the installation CDand follow the instructions, or simply execute the driver or driver that wehave for device recognition.

4th step:

Once installed the drivers, Windows will ask us to re-start the system to make the changes effective. Once this is done. The card is ready to work, we select the wireless network to which we want to connect and then the access password and we will have a Wi-Fi connection using the PCI wireless card.


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