Content is not everything in blog post


Everyone Knows that Content is King

The problem is that as bloggers, we spend most of our time focused on content and not enough time on getting traffic to our blog.

Which means… We’ve labored extensively over our blog’s content and no one is reading it.

What is the Solution?

Option 1 :

Take time away from writing content to recruit readers.

A really good traffic source is Pinterest

Link your website up inside your profile and start linking your blog posts to your pins.

You can also start following people that are interested in the same topic that you blog about and a portion of these people will end up following you back.


Option 2 :

Stay focused on content, But Hire someone to handle your Pinterest Stuff for you.

For those of us who can afford it, this is probably a better choice.

This allows you to continue to produce quality content and leaves the busy work up to a professional which gets you even better results at the end of the day.

The take away of this post is…

Don’t focus solely on content and then forget about attracting new visitors to your website.

You have to do a mix of both.

I’d like to hear which option are you going to take action on?


*the content is taken from a Facebook post.


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