Best free web-hosting for WordPress Top 5

Best free web-hosting for WordPress Top 5
Best free web-hosting for WordPress Top 5

 Free web-hosting for WordPress

we all love free thinks but all the free thinks are not good.Hear sjdtechno help you to find Best free web-hosting for WordPress. Web-hosting is the one think that price is so high so we fast go for free.There are too many problem of free web hosting like hosting provider adds, site lode slow etc.Many hosting provider doe’s not provide cpanel.we are discus in this post some of free web-hosting. Before choose the hosting you need to read the conclusion part of the post.

Top 5 Best free web-hosting for WordPress are:-

all the hosting provider terms & condition are checked when  the post was write.make sure that  you must visit the site and read there all terms and condition.

1. 000webhost

Best free web-hosting for WordPress for beginners blogger

one of the best and popular hosting server bashed this hosting company has been providing free web-hosting services from 2017. it gives you 1GB Disk space and 10GB bandwidth & My SQL are supported.It provide 99% up-time.For view the all features of free plans click it.The sing up process is so easy.just click on Free sign up bottom and fill all the forms correctly.

The company generated money from there premium plans. Which is available from 0.80$ per month. After chose free plane some days maybe month later they will force you to bye the premium plans. The premium plans are providing better services from the free one.

The Function is :- Bandwidth-10 GB,  Disk Space-1 GB,  Panel-cpanel  Domain Hosting-yes,  PTP-yes,  Auto installer-no

Pros:- Easy to use,Good Support

Cons:- Sleep 1 hour per day,No backup

2. 5GBfree

Best free web-hosting for WordPress for beginners blogger

In its name you expect 5GBfree provides 5GB disk also get 20 GB bandwidth,that’s good for beginners.They also provide 1 FTP account and 3 My SQL database.This services provider doe’s not provide any adds to your website. They also give you from bashed support. Installation is so easy. Cpanel is also given in the free plane which watch very great. 5 GBfree offer you 2 type of is free and another will charges you 2.95$ per can checkout difference between those planes by click hosting plans in the home page. PHP available.It is the Best free web-hosting for WordPress.

Pros:- cpanel,server speed is good

cons:- Pay for more than 5gb storage,No addon Domains

3. freehostia

Best free web-hosting for WordPress for beginners blogger

freehostia offering you free cloud gives you so many function.250GB Disk space,6GB bandwidth,3 Email accounts,PHP & My SQl. It’s server responce is 99.99% granted.And there support time is just amazing,they slove many problems.It offer 1 hour ticket/email response promise. WordPress,joomla,phpBB and any other PHP scripts can auto install by one click. freehostia provide one more give you .online, .website, .space, .site can check it from his home page by clicking Domain names option.For get the free hosting,you have to click SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE and fill the forms.

pros:- Best server speed,Excellent support system

cons:- Interface is clumsy,Disk space is low


Best free web-hosting for WordPress for beginners blogger
free hosting

This company will give many free thinks like free hosting,free DNS,free cloud backup etc.hear we tell about free hosting give you unlimited Bandwidth and 10 GB Disk space.You can host your won domain.its cpanel is so good and easy to does not provide any adds to your can hosh only one website and you get one email account also provide economy and deluxe pack.that are also unlimited disk space.For get the free hosting go to home page and click free hosting then sign up.before chose the plane you read the terms and service page.

pros:- unlimited bandwidth ,10 GB disk space

cons:- very limitation of free services

5. Byet.Host

Best free web-hosting for WordPress for beginners blogger

it is a quick and easy gives you 50 GB bandwidth and 1 GB Disk space.its cpaqnel is easy to’s give you vista adds in your website. also give you paid hosting the free plans you get 5 email account and 5 can host your won domain in this hosting also get a better services in this free hosting.After some time maybe month when your website will better position they will forced to buy there pain plans.for bye the free hosting click the free hosting button in the home page.

pros:- Best support, Easy to use

cons:-limited server space

Also you will checkout at-

why this hosting provider gives you free hosting?

free hosting serveries are lot of limitation.Low disk space,bandwidth and low server speed. They do there company promotion providing free hosting.After chose there free plans they force you to take there paid plans. In the free plans uptime is low.the capture there market by giving free hosting.

conclusion >>

In this post we tell about best free web-hosting for WordPress.Before chose the free plans of any company read there terms & condition.If you want to start a small  business like Blog,online marketing etc,don’t chose free plans.if you use for learn per-pus,those are the best free plans.If you confused to chose free plane i will help you.All the above company are the best but 000freehost & 5gbfree known as best free hosting provider for WordPress.  Best free web-hosting for WordPress-those are perfect fore host WordPress.This  is written sjdtechno , if you like this post command billow.


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