How to Add YouTube videos to WordPress

Adding YouTube videos to WordPress
Adding YouTube videos to WordPress

Anabel youtube videos in your pages and posts are very easy. We are discussing 2 methods of adding YouTube videos to WordPress. Once a manual method and another is a plugin method.

Benefits of adding video to your website:

A video helps you to rank in search engines very easily. Because you provide some more extra data about your article. By adding a post related video you are providing a good user experience to your visitor. After adding your post related video, your post called to be a complete post. If your post on cooking, tutorial, review, unboxing etc then add a video, it’s our suggestion.

Add YouTube videos to WordPress

You can upload your own videos as long as you are upload in your youtube video. Or you can upload any other videos you find on youtube.

Manual Method:

  1. Find the video on youtube, that you want to add to your own site.
  2. Click the Share button under the video.

    Adding YouTube videos to WordPress
    Adding YouTube videos to WordPress
  3. After clicking the share button, copy the video address URL into your clipboard.
  4. Log in to your WordPress admin panel and open this page or post where you want to add your video.
  5. Click the cursor where you want to add video and pest the copied URL (previously copy). Now WordPress shows that your video is in position.
  6. Before updating your post or page you can check preview by clicking the preview button.
  7. Click the update button for complete.
  8. Check your video by viewing that page normally visit your site.

Plugins Method:

The best and easy way is adding a plugin. Plugins are providing you lots of customization option. its a better than the manual method. You can make a video gallery by using those plugin.

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